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Create amazing presentations with ease: Let AI assist you in preparing your presentations

Nadyah Alshreef (MA student)

٢٠ شوال ١٤٤٤ هـ

AI can make lessons preparation much easier

Designing engaging and visually appealing presentations is a vital aspect of delivering effective lessons. But, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task. SlidesAi is a browser extension that simplifies the process of creating presentations, enabling teachers to focus on their primary objective of teaching their students.

What sets SlidesAi apart from other presentation tools is its versatility - it can be used as an extension for Google Slides and other platforms, making it an easily accessible tool that can be incorporated into a teacher's existing accounts. Its AI-powered features generate slide layouts based on the text entered, making it quicker and simpler for teachers to design their presentation. Also, the suggested keywords and phrases can help teachers who may be struggling to determine the most effective content to include in their slides. Another notable feature is the image search function, which can be performed within the presentation editor, providing teachers with a more efficient way of finding images .

While SlidesAi is an exceptional tool, it is not without its limitations. There may be instances where the text input field fails to recognize specific characters , and the search results may not always be relevant. Nonetheless, the relatively limited selection of slide layouts and images should not deter educators from trying this tool.

In conclusion, SlidesAi is a must-have tool for any teacher who desires to create visually appealing presentations quickly and efficiently. It simplifies the process of designing engaging content, ultimately enabling teachers to concentrate on what is most important - their students

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