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Play-ht: AI audio generating platform

Nadyah Alshreef (MA student)

١٧ ذو القعدة ١٤٤٤ هـ

Generate any audio you want with the use of AI

As English language teachers, we understand the significance of exposing our students to authentic native language input, whether through videos or audio recordings. However, it can be challenging to find appropriate audio recordings that suit the topics we wish to teach. Thankfully, with the assistance of these two remarkable AI tools - Google Bard and PlayHT voice generator - we can now effortlessly generate our own audio recordings along with accompanying questions!

Let me walk you through the process:

First, head over to Google Bard and provide it with the necessary information, vocabularies, or topic you want to cover. Ask it to generate an audio script for you.

Next, go to PlayHT and create a new project. Paste your script into the platform and choose the voice you want. You can even have multiple voices if your script is a conversation, as shown in the photo.

Once you're done, export the project, and now you have a ready-to-use audio recording to share with your students.

If you want to create questions to accompany the audio, simply paste the script back into Google Bard and ask it to generate questions based on the type of questions you want to ask. You can then export the questions to a Google Document and use them alongside the audio recording.

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