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Chat GPT-4 in the English classrooms: To use or not to use?

Updated: May 12, 2023

As language teachers, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest tools and technologies that can enhance our students' learning journey. One such technology that has recently been gaining attention is Chat GPT-4.

The question that many language teachers are thinking about is whether to allow or prohibit the use of Chat GPT-4 in their English classrooms. While some argue that the use of AI-generated content can undermine students' language proficiency, others believe that it can be a valuable resource in promoting creativity and enhancing writing skills.

In my opinion, Chat GPT-4 can be a helpful asset for both teachers and students, provided that it is used in moderation. Rather than relying solely on the tool, students should be encouraged to use it as a supplement to their own writing abilities, allowing them to experiment with new ideas and generate creative prompts. So, it is all about creating a balance.

As language educators, it's crucial to stay open-minded and embrace new technologies that can enhance our students' learning experiences. By empowering our students with the latest tools and resources, we can help them to develop their skills and appreciate our role as modern facilitators of language learning.


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