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Clozemaster : A Gamified language learning platform

Clozemaster is a language learning website that uses cloze tests to help learners improve their vocabulary and grammar. It is suitable for beginners and advanced beginners.

It offers a wide variety of cloze tests in over 100 languages, including English.

The website offers a variety of features that can help learners improve their language skills, including:

• Cloze tests.

• Sentence translation.

• Grammar lessons.

Clozemaster is a free website, but there is also a premium subscription option that offers additional features, such as:

• Unlimited access to cloze tests.

• No ads.

• Speed learning mode.

As English teachers, we understand the importance of recommending resources that engage and motivate our students. Clozemaster's game-like features make language learning an enjoyable adventure, inspiring students to actively participate and continuously improve their skills.

Written by : Dr. Alaa Alnajashi

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