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Quizzes Review

Written by: Dr. Alaa Alnajashi

Are you familiar with the popular Kahoot-style game-based app that many educators recommend for integrating technology into teaching? While Kahoot is undoubtedly a valuable tool, it may not be the best application. From my personal perspective, I lean towards Quizzes over Kahoot. Particularly now, with the integration of AI, Quizzes enables the swift generation of quizzes in mere seconds.

So, how is this accomplished? Simply follow these steps: Firstly, visit your preferred chatbot – my personal favorite being "ChatGPT". Formulate a prompt relevant to the topic you intend to assess your students on, then input it here. Just like that, your test will be ready for administration, either in team mode or individually. Additionally, you can assign it as homework.

Furthermore, Quizzes offers the ability to incorporate PowerPoint slides within the same quiz. This feature proves invaluable when you need to elaborate on specific points after the quiz has concluded.

Personally, I find Quizzes exceptionally suitable for my classes due to its minimal preparation requirements compared to Kahoot. It's especially well-suited for university-level students. Here is the website link:

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