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VoiceThread: A Dynamic Tool for Engaging students in Speaking tasks

Written by: Zainab Alzahrani ( an MA student)

VoiceThread is a web-based collaborative application that lets users create and share narrated slideshows. VoiceThread can be used to develop listening and speaking exercises for students and to provide extra practice and support for language learners.

One of VoiceThread's primary features is its user interface, which is intuitive to use. Users can upload various types of media that can be annotated with comments and discussions. The uploading process is simple, with users having the option of uploading content from their devices or collecting media from various websites.

The collaborative nature of VoiceThread makes it more engaging than traditional forms of online communication. Users can invite other people or groups to contribute their thoughts and ideas, making the experience more personalized. The basic features in VoiceThread are free but if you want more advanced features then you need to pay for the upgrade.

As a TESOL practitioner I highly recommend giving this website a try;

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