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WordWall Website

This is a summary of a group project written by:

Areej Ibrahim Alzahrani

Ahad Alharthi

Laila Alghamdi

WordWall is an educational website that offers a variety of interactive activities for English language learners. It has a user-friendly interface and allows teachers to easily design customized activities for their students.

WordWall offers both online and printable exercises, making it a versatile tool for language instruction. The platform provides different game templates and activity types that address different subject areas and learning goals, allowing for customization and adaptation. However, the free trial only allows teachers to create a limited number of interactive activities, and the website does not provide constructive feedback on students’ performance.

In terms of practical implementation, WordWall offers multiple functions such as warm-up activities, vocabulary building exercises, grammar practice, and assessment tools. Teachers can also use the website to create personalized activities that cater to their students’ needs and interests. WordWall benefits shy and introverted learners by allowing them to interact comfortably with their peers and provides a supportive community where educators can share, exchange ideas, and learn from other instructors’ expertise.

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