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Tech Tools for Busy Teachers: Keeping Up with Gen Z

Updated: May 8

In the dynamic world of education, it is crucial for teachers to cater the needs and preferences of their tech-savvy students. After reviewing several technology tools as part of a post-graduate course I am teaching, I have handpicked a selection of essential tech tools that will help busy teachers keep the spark alive in their classrooms.

1.Collaborative Whiteboard: A collaborative whiteboard is an excellent tool for promoting interactive learning and engagement. I normally use this one:

2. Youglish: (Contextual Pronunciation Practice) Introduce your students to Youglish, a unique platform that provides pronunciation practice using YouTube videos. With Youglish, students can search for a word and instantly see and hear the word being used in various contexts. It helps students improve their pronunciation skills by exposing them to authentic examples in real-life situations, without requiring any additional preparation from your side as a teacher.

3. Voicethread for speaking: it is an interactive slide-based tool that enables students to record and share their speaking assignments. With a free version available, teachers can create speaking prompts and invite students to respond by recording their voices. It doesn’t require a lot of time for preparation.

5.. Google Docs: A simple yet powerful tool for collaboration, Google Docs is my first choice from Google's suite" Workspace". Use it for all your worksheets and remember to create a system that allows you to use the same worksheets across different sections/classes.


6. Quizizz:  is one of my favorite AI-powered applications that offers free educational games on various topics.


7. WordWall: is an easy to use platform where you can create quizzes and games

By incorporating these essential tech tools into your teaching practices, you can effectively engage and inspire Gen Z students. For more advanced technology tools and resources, explore my webpage, where innovation meets education.

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